Star Wars Darth Vader Underoos

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We've always wondered how Star Wars would have been different, if Darth Vader had been a woman. Would he have used the Force to create a kinder, gentler dark side? Offered more women a chance to become Jedis? Let a woman be the architect of the Death Star? The possibilities are endless, not to mention the intriguing idea that a female Vader would have known her children existed (because she gestated and gave birth to them), thus has spent the past 20+ years searching for them to raise them on the Dark Side.

Star Wars Darth Vader Gals Underoos set, featuring a super-comfortable (black, of course) cotton panty and tank top set. Whether you wear it under your work clothes, to give yourself a badass edge during that important meeting with your boss, or just for lounging around the house, it'll look great and make you feel confident.