Star Wars Embossing Rolling Baking Pin

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Impress your Star Wars friends during movie night with Star Wars embossed cookies. This rolling baking baking pin is a great gift for bakers, fans, and anyone who love to make custom snacks.

  • Rolling Pin Cylinder Size 39X5 cm
  • Materials: Natural Wood, Ecological Friendly
  • Rolling-pins can be a really nice housewarming and nice gift for your friends, kids and your kitchen.
  • The wooden rolling pin for making cookies. The dough can be made of salt-, sugar- or ceramic-mass! 


After use clean body and crevices with a damp cleaning brush; use water sparingly if needed, and towel dry. Do not put in dishwasher or soak. Keep out of direct sunlight. Once in a while lightly rub with vegetable oil to preserve the integrity of the wood, so you can enjoy your rolling pin for years!

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